The world has set goals aiming to create a much better world for everyone, by 2030. These are the United Global Goals. We see that many of our clients are early adapters in linking these challenges and opportunities to their business and the life cycle of their products. We deliver small parts but we can make a large difference in what we do. By doing so we can be a part of the shifts required to reach those goals for the whole industry. An important part of achieving more sustainable value chains, both in terms of enviromental and social aspects, is traceability. It’s here we can have an increasingly important role to play as our products often are a link between the brand and the consumer.


Sustainability thoughts

Sustainability at Fenka means working towards meeting the needs of people and society without compromising the needs of future generations - acting in the long-term interests of many people. All in line with the UN Sustainable Goals.
It means adapting the limitations of the planet and protecting the environment.

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Key Focus Areas and Strategy

We want to develop sustainable products in close co-operation with our clients and together reduce their environmental impact.

Key issues here are:
* Product development
* Encourage and direct clients towards more sustainable materials and products
* Communication

We will take responsibility for manufacturing products, in our own production as well as with external suppliers. We believe in close co-operation with our business partners.

Key issues here are:
* Working environment human rights.
* Chemical management
* Waste
* Energy
* Transportation
* Water

Our most important asset is our employees and we want to attract, retain and further develop those working within Fenka/Nilorn

Key issues here are:
*Working environment
* Ethics


Sustainable Development Goals

We took a closer look at these goals and we are glad we started the developments for a sustainable world already in 2017 and we are now one of the leading suppliers in sustainable products.

More fit to the future 2018 - Our way forward

Focus for 2019 Mapping and measuring transportation - Enlarged product offer in recycled materials - Skills development of employees, training in CSR and Sustainability - Further integrate Sedex in the supply chain.


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